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As 2205 is a duplex stainless steel, the grade is also less sensitive to emphasize corrosion cracking in heat chloride environments, not like austenitic stainless steels. The grade also has good resistance to stress corrosion cracking when uncovered to hydrogen sulphide in chloride options. The resistance to corrosion and oxidisation isn’t matched by a capability to cope with excessive temperatures. Brittle phases kind throughout the ferrite at low temperatures in comparison with different supplies. Duplex solidifies first as ferrite like most 300 series SS’s.


Among the favorable properties of Duplex Stainless Steels, are chloride pitting and crevice corrosion resistance. Duplex SS (DSS) were engineered to be one of the Stainless steel manufacturer best of both worlds. DSS will get its name from its metallurgical microstructure made up of roughly 50 p.c austenite and 50 p.c ferrite.

2205 stainless steel welding

  • Additionally, a compressive study is done on the effect of welding on corrosion, mechanical properties and subsequently on the microstructure of DSS.
  • The purpose these parameters are important is as a result of duplex stainless depend on a virtually equal balance of ferrite and austenite .
  • One of the most common errors I see when welding duplex stainless-steel is the warmth input and interpass temperatures aren’t followed appropriately.
  • In quick, duplex’ are welded with comparatively high heat enter and low interpass temperatures.

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DSS are materials that function improved toughness and almost twice the power of austenitic SS and feritic SS, together with improved corrosion resistance, together with stress corrosion cracking (SCC). Although 2205 has good excessive temperature oxidation resistance, this grade, like other duplex stainless steels, suffers from embrittlement if held for even short instances at temperatures above 300oC. If embrittled this will solely be rectified by a full resolution annealing therapy. This therapy applies for both answer annealing and stress relieving.

The most common drawback when welding duplex just isn’t getting the heat enter and interpass temperatures proper. 4.3.6 Micro-structural examination Type 22 and 25Cr duplex chrome steel shall be examined and the test samples shall comprise a cross section of the weld metallic, HAZ and the base metal of the pipe. For the chrome steel Type 22 and 25Cr duplex the ferrite content material within the weld steel root and within the final bead of the weld cap shall be decided in accordance with ASTM E 562 and shall be in the vary of 30 % to 70 %.

The finest consumable option is the matching consumable, which is ER2307, however ER2209 could be a suitable second choice. You even have the added accountability of choosing an appropriate welding process that won’t degrade the bottom metal properties within the heat-affected zone (HAZ). 2507 (UNS S32750) is an excellent duplex stainless-steel designed for applications which require exceptional energy and corrosion resistance. The commonest problems throughout the HAZ are losses of toughness, submit-weld cracking and decreased corrosion resistance.

However, should you keep the heat enter down and interpass too low, as is often accomplished with 300 sequence SS’s the duplex will cool too fast which is able to cause the section steadiness to favor ferrite. It you cool it too slow you will favor austenite and lose strength, SCC resistance and perhaps cause segregation of parts. An Article on Spot Welding Duplex Stainless Steels was printed in Issue 81 of Practical Welding Letters for May 2010. For example, if the job calls for a 2205 grade of DSS to be welded to itself, an ER2209 filler steel would be a stable match.