What Is 316l Stainless Steel And Why Using It As A Watch Material

Stainless Steel Grade 316l

It’s not solely the vintage and older fashions are rare and dear, any current Submariner, GMT-Master or Daytona model in stainless-steel is solely not out there at a Rolex vendor. No, there is no distinction in ductility or formability due solely to the carbon content material distinction of 316 and 316L. Now, you would possibly see a distinction in a particular group of two samples, if they have been given totally different levels of cold rolling or working. I’ve seen ‘annealed’ 300 sequence stainless steels with tensile strengths between 70 ksi and a hundred and twenty ksi, just due to the processing carried out by totally different mills at totally different times. Hi, I even have been identified with a nickel allergy whereby I am hyper delicate to it.

Stainless Steel Grade 904l

The addition of molybdenum (in marine grade chrome steel) only delays corrosion, it does not cease it. It is understood (no less than on our facet of the watch trade) that Rolex watches using 904L metal clean up nicely after being refinished. This could be as a result of shinier finish 904L steel provides off, but in addition understand that a watch’s capacity to clean up properly has almost every thing to do with the design and circulate of the end.

  • Well, nearly… Since it is fairly pricey, plus harder to process than 316L.
  • It is, by far, the most costly material from talked about three, however is it also the most effective?
  • It is marked as N08904 in UNS and used for building piping systems corresponding to warmth, pollution control and bleaching gear because of its high resistance to acids.
  • It polishes extraordinarily well, which gives RX watches recognizable, specific look.
  • RX additionally calls it corrosion resistantsuper-alloyand since 2003 they only use this kind of chrome steel in watch manufacturing.

Unlike frequent allergic reactions mine does not react to where the nickel has touched the pores and skin, but builds up in my system and when it gets to a excessive level I escape in rashes on totally different parts of my physique. The purpose I’m contacting you is within the hope you may be able to help me with regards to the nickel content in at present’s fashionable watches. I actually have worn a titanium one but the modern designs I like corresponding to Diesel are created from stainless steel but I am undecided of how much nickel would be in them? Can you help me with this as I am unsure if 316L would cause my allergy to come up?

316L is rather more weld friendly than 316, as it is less susceptible to intergranular corrosion, after welding or air service up to 1600 °F (intermittent) 1700 °F (continuous), due to carbide precipitation. In 316 carbide precipitation will happen between 900 F-1070 F after 9 hours, whereas 316L will precipitate carbides between 900 °F °F after 181 hours, 316L exhibiting much more resistance to sensitization. In different phrases, is 316L just pretty much as good against scratching, corrosion, and stress of what Rolex specializes in–powerful, reliable, watches–primarily Diver’s watches?

316l stainless steel for watches


Could Rolex perhaps, with all the bi-colour models in inventory, restrict production for these and enhance production for all chrome steel? Also licensed sellers (we requested a number of) maintain coming again with the same reply, that the demand is just too high for these watches. We simply hope that Rolex can clear up this issue and begin the delivery of their stainless steel sports activities watches.