904l Steel Vs 316l In Watchmaking Industry

Ss 316l Vs. 316f Vs. 904l- The Final Verdict- A Technical Study

Mainly in environments of robust lowering acids (sulphuric) and chloride assault, which usually are not useful in practice for watches. But SS 904L has also extra corrosion resistant properties in heat and steady sea water environments. Anyway, these SS 316L and 316F have enough hardness for the practical purposes into the watches manufacture. I imply that, despite their lower hardness against the 904L, they don’t seem to be at the softness level of the reps manufactured from Titanium (isn’t it? Chronopassion owners?).

Concerning SS 316F and 316L, they virtually have the same chemical composition (see Table). The 316F has a bit extra amount of no metals C, S and P, however they don’t have affect on color and shine.

  • Harder and extra rust and corrosion-resistant than other steels, this 904L metal can take and hold a polish incredibly well.
  • Rolex has been recognized to ship metal again when it does not meet their exacting specs.
  • This is why metal Rolex watches look different than different steel watches.
  • Rolex calls 904L chrome steel a “corrosion-resistant superalloy.” 904L differs from 316L because of extra Chromium, Molybdenum, Nickel, and Copper which provides it improved resistance to acids.

We ensure we get one with every shipment we obtain at Nema Enclosures so that we can assure our customers that the enclosure and its parts are constructed of the precise stainless-steel materials, as specified and ordered. Some small elements such as clamps and mounting feet, constructed of 316 stainless-steel are specifically marked, on this case a quantity 6 within a circle, as proven within the photograph above. “Design Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Stainless Steel”.

316l vs 316f steel

Therefore, with less working time you would obtain the same visible results than using the 316L. – The 904L has more corrosion resistant properties, mainly in excessive and heat sea water environments. Thus, the SS 904L, with its high content material of Ni, Cr, Mo and likewise a bit of Cu, is sort of 3 times more expensive than the 2 SS 316. In all carried out checks, the three gen Rolex scratched, with none room for discussion, the materials (case and bracelet) of the 2 replicas (now the back of my reps Rolex are stuffed with scratches!). Fortunately, I have the above mentioned three gen Rolex and two replicas at my disposal.

In additon, waterproof watches are especially prone – as the threads holding the crown and case again cannot corrode. At this second, because of the big amount of SS 316L that makers are consuming, it is probably these makers purchase the SS 316F at very good worth, and, maybe, they must buy the 316F somewhat more expensive. In any case, it is not our drawback and we can not to pay for it. As you can see on the composition Table, the SS 316F can have a Mo content between 1,seventy five% and a couple of,5%, and the SS 316L between 2% and three%. Thus, you could have a 316F with 2,four% of Mo and it would be an authentic 316F, and you can have a SS 316L with 2,1% of Mo and it would be an genuine 316L.