General Corrosion

What is the difference between duplex and super duplex stainless steel?

They are used for their good mechanical properties in the as-cast (and therefore as-welded condition) and/or their excellent corrosion resistance properties (particularly to stress corrosion cracking).

Typical impact vitality curves for Sandvik SAF 2507® using standard Charpy V specimens (common of 3 at each temp.). Parent steel samples taken in the longitudinal course from 260 x 12 mm hot extruded and resolution annealed (1075°C / 1965°F) tube.

Intergranular Corrosion

Sandvik SAF 2507® is highly proof against corrosion by natural acids, e.g. experience lower than 0.05 mm/yr in 10% formic and 50% acetic acid the place ASTM 316L has corrosion price larger than 0.2 mm/12 months. Please click on the request a quote button or click on here to request the up to date price record and ready stock information alongside with your requirement.

Leoscor Alloys maintains a stock of all standard objects and might export them at best worth for 2507 SAF Duplex Steel Seamless and Welded Tubes. We additionally manufacture and export any custom specification as per shoppers requirement. Our SAF 2507 Seamless Tubes possess uniform toughness and strength throughout their entire size. They discover their main applications in Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Petrochemical Industries.

  • As the properties of these tubes are enhanced by including Chromium and Molybdenum, Super Duplex tubes have distinctive resistance in the direction of pitting and crevice corrosion is their specialty.
  • The alloy is therefore a aggressive alternative to high alloyed austenitics and nickel alloys in applications the place normal austenitic stainless steels corrode at a high price.
  • Practical experience with Sandvik SAF 2507® in natural acids, e.g. in teraphthalic acid vegetation, has proven that this alloy is extremely resistant to this type of setting.
  • Figure 5 and Figure 6 present outcomes from exams of Sandvik SAF 2507® and numerous stainless steels and nickel alloys in acetic acid contaminated with chlorides which in practise are frequently present in processes.

As our SAF 2507 Welded Tubes are deployed in Process plants and pipeline constructions, we generally fabricate them with massive dimensions. Stainless steel tubing on O&G platforms is utilized in process instrumentation, hydraulic lines, chemical inhibition, and utility purposes. These tubing are utilized in a wide range of service circumstances relating to as an example temperature, flow rate and strain. Many of those Stainless steel manufacturer applications are on topside of offshore platforms and corrosion of 316L chrome steel tubing has been occurred in a number of of them, primarily in tropical sea waters, due to marine atmospheric corrosion. Fermonic® 50 – Annealed (also known as Nitronic® 50 – a trademark owned by AK Steel Corporation) is a nitrogen-strengthened austenitic chrome steel equipped within the annealed situation.

What is SDSS material?

Duplex stainless steels are based around a composition of 22% chromium, whereas super duplex stainless steels are based around a composition of 25% chromium. By increasing the chromium content, the level of pitting corrosion resistance is also increased.

Sandvik SAF 2507®, with a most hardness of 32 HRC, answer annealed and quickly cooled, according to NACE MR0103, is appropriate for use in bitter petroleum refining. Figure 15 shows the results of SCC exams at room temperature in NACE TM0177 Test answer A (5% sodium chloride and 0.5% acetic acid saturated with hydrogen sulfide). Sandvik SAF 2507® U-bend specimens uncovered for 1000 hours in sizzling brine (108°C, 226°F, 25% NaCl) confirmed no cracking. The SCC resistance of Sandvik SAF 2507® in chloride solutions at excessive temperatures is illustrated in Figure thirteen.

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saf 2507

It offers almost double the yield strength of common austenitic stainless steel grades corresponding to Alloy 304 and Alloy 316L, offering the potential to cut back section size and subsequently weight and value. Comparison of minimum proof strength, 0.2% offset, of SAF 2507® and high alloy austenitic grades, for material in the answer annealed condition. Seamless tube and pipe in Sandvik SAF 2507® is equipped in dimensions up to 260 mm outside diameter. The delivery situation is resolution annealed and either white pickled, or brilliant annealed. Hydrogen diffuses a lot faster in the ferrite phase than within the austenite part.