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Chemical Composition

The UREA 316L grade is designed for the fabrication of lining interiors in urea items for improved corrosion resistance properties in urea – carbonate environments or complementary products (pipes, fittings…). Neminox Steel & Engineering Co. is main Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Stainless Steel 316L UG Pipes & Tubes in India.

Sandvik 3r60™ Urea Grade

Hot forming should be carried out in a temperature vary of C ( F) after the piece has been uniformely warmth treated. Final full annealing tremperature is required to obtain the requested microstructure.

ASM SS-1208 UREA 316L MOD Stainless Steel has good anti-welding thermal crack efficiency and anti-intergranular corrosion property. Weld ought to be carried out in order to acquire extra-low ferrite contents, no carbide or nitrides precipitations, low silicon contents as well as no intermetallic phases precipitations. The UREA Modified grade must be used in the as pickled and passivated situations. Pickling treatment may be carried out with a nitro-hydrofluoric acid bath (10-20 % HN03 – 1.5-5% HF) at room temperature (few hours) or 20 minutes approx. Due to its absolutely austenitic microstructure, the alloy can be chilly fashioned with none problem.

  • The low carbon content, mixed with a well balanced chemistry (low silicon and nickel content near 14%) makes the alloy absolutely austenitic, free of intermetallic part precipitations.
  • It is a 316L modified chrome steel with additional – low silicon content and substantial greater molybdenum contents.
  • The UREA 316L grade has been specifically developed for urea plant functions.

The special steel Bell developed here iscalled Urea grade stainless-steel. The low ferrite and impurity contents of Sandvik 3R60™ Urea Grade make it extremely proof against general and intergranular corrosion within the process solutions occurring within the manufacture of urea. 3 316L mod is modified 316L, modified 316L, specifically for the urea trade, it’s known as urea-grade 316L. The main distinction from the 316L is the chemical composition.

The larger molybdenum content material and chilly hardening behaviour of the metal explains that it may require extra powerfull equipments than 304 stainless-steel. We ensure the very best quality materials & our in-course of high quality inspections assist us to take care of the International Quality Standards. Our merchandise are manufactured with the finest quality of supplies and we provide & export together with Quality Test Certificates. The selective corrosion take a look at should be carried out after the trial test, and the check outcomes should conform to the nationwide normal of urea tools and supplies. 1.316L ug and 00cr25ni22mo2n, the chemical composition and mechanical properties of urea gear and supplies must be certified for the national standard necessities.

UREA 316L Modified grade has been specially developed for Urea plant purposes. Welding must be carried out with out preheating and subsequent heat therapy is normally not required. Suitable strategies of fusion welding are guide steel-arc welding (MMA/SMAW) and fuel-shielded arc welding, with the TIG/GTAW technique as first choice. Sandvik 3R60™ Urea Grade simply meets the Huey check and selective attack requirements specified by Stamicarbon, Snamprogetti and Urea Casale.

stainless steel 316l urea grade