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There shouldn’t be a huge distinction in value associated with particular person watches produced from 904L steel. If the cost of a 904L steel watch is significantly higher, it’s most likely due to something else, not the steel itself. The 316L Stainless steel is way less scratch resistant than the 904L as a result of it has a a lot greater Rockwell hardness. The 316L has less nickel in it and is way brighter in appearance and tends to stay that way.

Heat Resistance

I imagine Ball watch company additionally makes use of 904L steel in a few of their RailRoad watches. The ultimate benefits of stainless Stainless steel manufacturer steel embody a protracted service life that can retain a beautiful, clean end.

When comparing a contemporary Rolex with other modern Swiss watches, the visual distinction is clearly noticeable. Yes, Rolex thinks of every thing, together with the steel that will get strapped onto your wrist. I am unable to confirm that the PloProf was manufactured from 904L steel. All info I even have seen merely refers to the case as being made from chrome steel; I have seen no reference to grade. From what we gathered, based mostly on evaluating roll, sheet and tubing costs on Alibaba, Amazon and eBay, the 904L costs were approximately 2-3 instances greater than 316L.

Is Rolex or Patek Philippe better?

Keeping a Rolex pristine essentially means not wearing it. With all these protections keeping a Rolex watch functional, the area that most Rolex wearers get nervous are scratches. Scratches and wristwatches are a fact of life. Rolex gold, platinum, and 904L stainless steel does scratch with day-to-day use.

  • It has virtually the same bodily and mechanical properties as 304 stainless steel, and contains a similar material make-up.
  • The key difference is that 316 stainless steel incorporates about 2 to 3 p.c molybdenum.
  • The addition increases corrosion resistance, notably against chlorides and different industrial solvents.
  • 316 grade is the second-commonest form of chrome steel.
  • 304 chrome steel is the most typical type of chrome steel used around the globe, because of its glorious corrosion resistance and value.

Thank you for placing the fantastic points in your excellent explanation of the 2 totally different ‘grades,’ and the corrosion potential and maintenance to stop it, for stainless steel. General corrosion occurs when the stainless steels pH is lower than 1. So, what occurred that the current Submariner and GMT-Master II aren’t out there? A chrome steel Rolex Submariner (Date) or GMT-Master II, not to mention Daytona is just about impossible to search out. Although the second message is comparable, there’s one massive difference.

The 904L is commonly used for body jewellery or piercings and it’s not significantly expensive. Although many watch aficionados understand that watches are created from stainless-steel, most don’t know a lot about why they use this steel. Stainless steel is significant for the wristwatch – with the proximity to your skin, you’ll be able to build up sweat and moisture, making the watch a corrosion magnet. In additon, waterproof watches are especially vulnerable – because the threads holding the crown and case again cannot corrode. 304 and 316 are the 2 most common grades of chrome steel.


The new Rolex GMT-Master II BLRO is a brand new mannequin that was just lately launched through the Baselworld present. When you’re a good customer of a Rolex supplier or have pals in high places, you might be able to supply one at retail price. But otherwise, you both need to wait or pay an incredible premium to one of the (gray market) dealers who have been in a position to get one.

904l stainless steel

Does Rolex scratch easily?

Unfortunately, if one plans on wearing their Rolex, scratches are unavoidable. Prone to scratches, the bracelet of the Rolex is an area that may need extra attention. The bracelet can be easily polished once every few months, which will return the bracelet near to its original look.